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: Education

Dream category : Education/ Training
Time of dream : Start 2017
Location dream : From Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco
Phase of dream :
Want :
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In California to learn about using technology in education

Why my dream

I want: 1/ to use new technology to innovate in education 2/ to stay in/near San Francisco 3/ to study in one of the top schools in the world

About special me


My challenges and lessons

- San Francisco is very expensive!

Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

- Are there opportunities for part-time jobs?
- How much scholarship, fellowship can cover?
- Can I do crowdfunding for my study?

Experiences in the past


Future plan

1/ Find a suitable program
2/ Figure out how to gain scholarship
3/ Save for tuition fee and living expense
4/ Make campus tour in California in Stanford, UCLA, CaliTech, Berkeley
5/ Connect with alumni
6/ Learn and practice on technology, startup, education
7/ Help to build Living Dream successfully

Hãy chung tay tuỳ theo khả năng của bạn để giúp đỡ Ước mơ, dự định. Sau đây là 1 số gợi ý - 1 giờ tư vấn hay chia sẻ kinh nghiệm, Dreamer có thể liên lạc với bạn qua chat để nhận hỗ trợ. - Giới thiệu cơ hội thực tập, việc làm, học bổng phù hợp - Làm bạn đồng hành để cùng thực hiện mục tiêu, khát vọng - Hay một lời động viên, khuyến khích hoặc thông tin hữu ích cho ước mơ

Activity for Dream

Hồi xưa ngồi với 1 đám bạn tám chuyện, thấy mình như người ngoài hành tinh vì chẳng thích nói chuyện với bọn nó, lúc đó 5ph dài như 1 tiếng! Giờ mình có nhóm rồi, ngồi nói chuyện education, nói hoài không muốn về. Thế là tui đã tìm thấy hành tinh của tui rồi !
Hoàng Thanh Hải: co chu de yeu thich se ko thay nham chan. minh nhieu khi cung cam giac vay
I have made some connections with very inspirational and dedicated people who are doing researches on education recently. I have been finding my way to Fulbright scholarship and master in education and this is something to guide me for the next steps? Yay!
P/S: It really means that when you start working on your dreams and telling people about your dreams, everything in the universe will help you to meet the right people, be in the right place at the right time. Everything will be helping you!
Bùi Lâm : thật tuyệt, chúc bạn sớm đạt được Fulbright nhé
It's not just a class or a book that means education. There are many ways being a teacher can change lives of young people. I've come across this meaningful story on CNN. This made me cry for being happy. Seeing stories of beautiful dreams like this is the motivation for me to work hard and be persistent in pursuing my dreams of education and helping unfortunate people. I wish I will be strong to immerse myself to work in other developing, or third world countries like India, Africa, South America to help unfortunate people and learn from many stories like this one all over the world.
I have researched and might decide that Master of Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) @ Stanford will be the program I will prepare to enroll within the next 5 years
Rose W.: It is so meaningful. Wishing your dream come true
Will Power: I wish one day be in Us and get scholaship too. Believe that u will fulfil ur dream one day