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To ensure the website becomes a useful site for general members and society, all members must agree with those are basically the following:
1. Dreams, on LivingDream, are defined as beautiful things people want to do with their heart
2. Do not use the site for any illegal aims or not allowed by regional regulations.
3. Member must follow the regional culture and respect everyone, do not use the comments section to criticize others.
4. Self-discipline, respecful, nurturing others’ dreams, need, wishes, desires.
5. We are not responsible for the content of linked pages or other sites is inserted into this web.
6. LivingDream has the right to viral, repost the posts with public status on LivingDream under the author's nick name or link to that articles.

Every members before signing in please read and agree to all of this content.
All cases that may be harmful to LivingDream, contrary to the regulations will be excluded from membership and posts.