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Taking the first steps to build your dream

A dream is strong enough to define you. Once accomplished you prove to yourself and others what you really can and can’t be.

There are actually a lot of different ways to build the foundation for accomplishing your dreams. Here is LivingDream’s exercise to help define and commit your dream to paper:

1. Block of some time for reflection

Let’s take some action. Block off 15-30 minutes in a quiet location to do the exercise. The future you will thank you later ;)

2. Divide your life into categories

You want to define what success is in each part of your life. You can use the following categories to help you brainstorm. Write down everything that comes to mind (and don’t worry about making it perfect).

  • Relationships, family and social life. What types of relationships do you enjoy
  • (ex. close maternal/paternal relationship, better relations with your siblings, frequent visits to your family, etc.)? Whom do you want to be surrounded by? Do you want to be more social?
  • Career. What would you like to do for a living? In which company do you dream of working in?
  • Health. Do you want to exercise every day, eat healthy and sleep 9 hours a day? How important is health compared to the small pleasures of life for you?
  • Lifestyle, travel and adventure. Where do you want to live or travel? Do you want to have a brilliant career or is your priority to have time for your family?
  • Finances. Do you want to invest in something/save?
  • Self-improvement/miscellaneous. How do you want to mentally improve yourself (more confidence, less stress and anxiety, etc.)? How would you like to take yourself out of your comfort zone (speaking to strangers, giving speeches, stand-up comedy, etc.)
  • Creating/ something. Do you dream of creating or innovating something new? What would it be?
  • Learning/Researching. Do you dream of going to a specific school/university? Do you dream of doing research or getting scholarships/fellowships or volunteer training ?. Do you deeply want to do something that contributes to our society or helps others?

3. For each part of your life, ask yourself the following three following questions:

We’ve already given you a few questions to start your reflection. The next ones will help you dig deeper:

  • If time, money, education, and experience were no issue and you had zero constraints in the world, what would you do?
  • Imagine an ideal day of your ideal life 10 years from now. Describe it in detail. Where do you live? With whom? Do you have children? What about your job? What do you look like?
  • What experiences do you want to get out of life so that on your final day you’ll know that you have truly lived life?
  • In your childhood, what did you desire? What were your most beautiful moments? What was your proudest achievement?
  • Don’t try to make it perfect. You won’t. Nobody will. It will take time to improve it, and ideas change. The most important step is to start. The objective here is to get a first draft, it will help you get a sketch of the big picture of your life.

4. Improve your first draft by going deeper

It’s important to be specific. What you write must resonate with you, you should feel excited about it. If you’re not, ask yourself why. To dig deeper, ask yourself “So that I can do what?” or “Why?” several times.

For instance, you may write “I want to be healthy.” Why do you want to be healthy? There are three reasons:

  • I want to love my body, feel good and more confident every day, feel proud of myself.
  • I have more energy throughout the day. I am able to achieve more every day and have more free time to do whatever I want to do.
  • It improves my mood and my health. I am happier and less often sick. I connect better with my environment thanks to this energy and make people happier around me.

When we read this, we visualize this, feel all the advantages and this excites us! We want to be like that, it gets us motivated to make changes. That’s why it’s so important to be specific. If you lack ideas, think about what you’re already doing. Do you like it? Why do you do it? How can you improve it? What do you enjoy doing on a Saturday afternoon?

5. Take Action and complete your dream profile

If you do not have a life purpose, the best time to plant a dream is now.
Do you want to wake up 10 years later and realize that your life has been a mess without purpose?
It just requires you to start NOW. Block off 15 minutes for thinking and start with your dream profile.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You’re not engaging yourself in anything either. You’re starting a plan to build your life. Once you have your first draft, we recommend reading it every morning to get it in your long-term memory.

Finally write down your dream - put a name on it.

My dream is:

Congratulation! You have built up your dream

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