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: UX researcher

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I have dreamed of becoming a research since I was a fresh student. In my third year at university, I realized that I really wanted to dig deep into customers' behavior. At that moment, I knew that Sociology of comsumption was what I wanted to pursue. However, I do not want to be either an armchair expert or academic researcher. I want to experience my life fully and I love socializing with other people. I know that working in an international company would be perfect for me! Through me real experience working with my customers, I believe that I can study their attitude and behavior.

Why my dream

I was struggling to find what kind of things I want to pursue because my major was so large and had so many sub majors. Therefore, I decided to try it all. After taking part in many projects, I knew that I was prefer consumption, economic phenomena and customers' behavior to other things. Moreover, I believe that I am more suitable to work in a company than any other kinds of organizations.

About special me

I am a Sociology major. I am a young person who is always willing to learn new things and contribute to my community. I am able to be what to want to be.

My challenges and lessons

My biggest challenge is to find suitable working environment to enhance myself and dedicate my knowledge.
The most memorable lesson that I have learned throughout university life is that, I need to know who I am, who my counterparts are and what they expect from me. Doing more than my expectation would be perfect, however, doing more than your counterpart's expectation is something that ones need take into consideration.

Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

I am responsible for what I do and always try my hardest to perfect myself. In other word, I am a kind of people who are not easy to forgive my own mistake. However, I friendly and approachable. I always show my brightest side to other people and treat them in the way I want to be treated.
English: Upper- intermediate.
Chinese: Basic
Doing survey: Good
Spss: Good
Writing reports: Good
Facebook ads: Basic
Facebook page administration: Good
In my third year, I won the first place in our university's Student Research Competition. I was rewarded Chung-Soo scholarship two times in the past 2 years.

Experiences in the past

2016: Volunteer for Israeli academy’s Facebook page
Write content for the page in Vietnamese.
2017: Volunteer for The World Scholar’s Cup.
Work as a tour guide to help candidates.
2018: Teaching Assistantin in Homestay Viet Nam
Main responsibilities:
Making teaching schedule for each week and handling all the problems that happened in Homestay.
Testing newcomers and answering their questions and making sure they will take the course.
Skills gained:
Know what customers care about before deciding buying products or services and learn how to deal with customers' hesitation.
Improve English skills
Institute of Sociology
2019: Intern
Main responsibilities:
Looking for references (Vietnamese and English materials)
Learn how to choose a sample properly when performing research.
Learn how to create effective research tools.

Future plan

In the next 3 years, I have planed to work for an international company where I can learn, practice and contribute to it's development. I prefer to work for business that have both Chinese and English speakers.
I also hope that I will have a chance to study abroad to pursue my interest field. I really want to find a company that I am able to work for even when I study far away.

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