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: Career aspiration in the finance/ investment field

Dream category : Carrer/ job - Accounting/ Finance/ Stock
Time of dream : 2013
Location dream : University of Economics, HCMC
Phase of dream : Growing up
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For so long I had been lost and I had had no idea of what I should have done with my life. That was before I knew there was something called "Finance". The beauty of finance has totally caught my attention and ever since I have done everything I can to really grasp the essence and pave a way to penetrate into the finance and investment world. All I need is a chance to strive in a young and fast-growing firm where I could prove that I deserve a place in the investment world.

Why my dream

- I have found my own "blue flame": the passion for and ability in finance.
- I have been through many things so that I know exactly what I want in life and I shall stick to my own long-term career aspirations to endeavor, to contribute and to grow together with the organization.

About special me

Being a remarkable financier to fulfill my own career aspirations and serve others.

My challenges and lessons

- I understand that to be a young financier means high work-pressure to get the jobs done and to meet and exceed the requirements of the Chief. That would require outstanding motivation and professional responsibility which I have always firmly attached to myself as desirable characteristics.
- Being a young financier also means that although I have acquired basic necessary education to carry out the tasks, the local expertise and experience is always of prime importance. That is something I would have to accumulate and hence an entry position that values my characteristics such as diligence, enthusiasm for finance and an aspiration for a career, not just merely a job in the investment field would be highly appreciated.

Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

- I passed all three CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) examinations in three consecutive attempts (December 2014, June 2015 and June 2016).
- I am working on the Master thesis at Christian – Albrechts – Universität zu Kiel (University of Kiel), Germany with excellent accumulated GPA (90/100).
- I have successfully completed the intensive internship at Allianz Real Estate (Munich Head Office, Germany) as an Intern in Investment Strategy and Research and I believe I could apply some of the knowledge, skills to my future work.

Experiences in the past

2013-2014: Associate Auditor at Deloitte Vietnam (HCMC).
2014-2016: CFA® level 3 passer.
2015-2018: Candidate for MSc in Quantitative Finance at Christian – Albrechts – Universität zu Kiel, Germany.
2017: Intern at Allianz Real Estate (Munich, Germany).

Future plan

Find, contribute and grow together with a young and fast-growing firm to build my career.

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