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(Listen while reading please 💖)

“Would someone wake me up from the dream of blue.
What if the light that shed on me was to be torn by the bluegrass?
The hollow beats of grief that ate my tears,
Let my wings cover up your whimsical wounds, let’s be heal.
Until our dear last goodbye.”

“If you sleep too long you might forget those you’ve left.” Vivid recall the words someone said to her, the dancing white dots dangling on her dress. Wondering if, she had gone lost in this blurry scene. White feathers across the grass, slightly torn as a wild wind crashed. Somethings surely ran out of her head, something important, something she once hugs tightly in her arms.

Vivid walk small steps out of the garden, rest against a flower while tracing her sight along with the indigo shade well spread on a pond. Her white, dreamy gown fallen on the yellow grass, the whole world curve on to her feet, eyes, and hair. The small glow draw lights on the surface, tingling breeze blows,..

As her eyes gently reach the aching sky, small dreams of blue touch her wings.

“Hey, dear would we meet again?
Somewhere along those songs, tears, and wishes,
I supposedly did a good job.”