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Imagine a line in front of you. It’s like a marker pen line. The place is seizing bright, clean white and the line is deep shade black. Let say over the other side there are your friends, they seem happy and are jokingly talking with each other. You feel the normal urge to moves toward them, but a sudden signal tells you not to interrupt their own time, their owns conversation, they might not welcome you in. There's a sudden replay to time when you guys fought, you’ll always be the first to say sorry even if it’s not all your fault. In disagreement with your flashback, you blink.
And when you opened your eyes, your friends disappeared in the place of your family. They seem to be packing up for a trip, everyone’s smiling brightly. You try to shout but there's only clear hollow breath, no sound. As they turn around and walk somewhere away from you, your footsteps quickly pick up. But the black line moves along to your pace, fasten up as you start to run. Dad and mom aren’t running either is your little sis, they’re all walking calmly, there’s this warm family scene surrounding them as if it’s a picture whereas you never existed. You close your eyes, run in desperate of not wanting to be left behind.
This time your eyes open to see a girl, not at all familiar, she stood small like a small child’s figure. Her face is hidden in the dark, but there’s this weird feeling that she’s smiling to you. She asks whether if you want to be a social animal on this side but will forever need to take care of whom you love or to stand on that side to be a strong independent man.
You stand still on your feet and think about times when your friends borrow money and when your parents only spent time on your little sis, all those memories suddenly felt much more clearer.
But then you don’t feel surprised, if not with them then where? You had become so used to it that it matters no more, every relationship has its price. “I want to be on the other side of this line.” You say with great confidence. “Foolish.” She chuckles lightly and a bright flash set you home with your family and friend, forever and after...
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