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: Internship

Dream category : Carrer/ job - Job for students/ Interns
Time of dream : Bất cứ lúc nào
Location dream : Hồ Chí Minh
Phase of dream : Growing up
Want :
Email : Phone:


I love jobs related to commucation, deal with languages. I'm a person people and enthusiastic. Although I don't have much experience, I'm always willing to learn new things and develop myself every day.

Why my dream

My motivation is that I feel fulfilled when I take part in doing something which makes the world better. To me, having a chance to get an education is precious and since I have that chance, I should be grateful and improve myself to bring better things to other people.

About special me

I'm a third-year student and my maj. I'm an enthusiastic person and have a positive mindset. My hobby is reading books about technology, marketing and psychology because I love studying human and languages.

My challenges and lessons

Sometimes I doubt myself and my competence, Whether what I have been doing is right and whether I'm so confident about myself that I always want to dream big. But time has proved that everything will get better. My most challenging situation is when I experience my tour as a tour guide, the leader was absent and I had to deal with many things

Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

English's level is intermediate.
Basic Computer Skill Certificate - 2017.
HSK3 - 4/2019 ( 300 out of 300 points) .

Experiences in the past

Main responsibilities:
- Get orders from customers.
- Introduce, consult products and answer customers' queries.
- Assist to control food in and out.
- Deal with complaints and provide customer service.
What I have learned: team-work, service's attitude and how to manage time.
- Assist students with their homework and solve their schooling problems.
- Assist some exchange students with their Chinese and a little Vietnamese also.
What I have learned: improve my ability to express, learn the differences between languages and how to communicate with people of various ages.
TRANSLATE CHINESE- Freelance Translator
- Translate some Chinese novels and short stories.
What I have learned: Ability to translate Chinese, how to use the app in translating Chinese and respect the deadline.
- Work as a team with other guides to plan a tour.
- Help foreigners to experience HCM city and some local places by scooter.
- Introduce them about Vietnamese culture.
- Assist the tour manager with customers' feedbacks and complaint via email.
What I have learned: Learning foreign's culture, how to working with others and how to take care of customers.

Future plan

I hope that in the next 5 years I can find a suitable position in an international start-up company and have chance to work in a dynamic environment.

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