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: Interpreter

Dream category : Carrer/ job - Other
Time of dream :
Location dream : Hà Nội
Phase of dream : Growing up
Want :
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I look forward to becoming an interpreter. Although I study international business, my love of foreign languages makes me choosing this job. I want to learn culture through language, to travel when I am an interpreter

Why my dream

I love languages from the high school. Although I have no conditions to enter language schools, I still cherish and pursue foreign languages to the present.

About special me

I am careful, meticulous, able to complete the work under pressure, curiosity and like to learn
I have graduated from International School - VNU, where there is a complete English program (Major: International Business)

My challenges and lessons

Challenge: Many translations are not completed when the deadline is coming
=>> Planning and completing the translation as planned

Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

English: B2
Translation collaborator certificate of the page: ToMo - Learn something new
Computer: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Experiences in the past

10/2014 - Now: Extracurricular activities:
* ISway Dancing Club
* Manager/choreography/admin of club
- Choreography, managing sessions
- Managing and posting on FB, youtube channel of club

02/2017 - 12/2017: Freelancer
Looking for the hot english-speaking T-shirt and translating to Vietnamese to support the designer

03/2018 – 06/2018: Translator
Translating the article for page: ToMo - Learn something new

01/2018 - Now: Translator
English - Vietnamese or Vietnamese - English upon request

Future plan

Join the translation course
Learn Chinese

Hãy chung tay tuỳ theo khả năng của bạn để giúp đỡ Ước mơ, dự định. Sau đây là 1 số gợi ý - 1 giờ tư vấn hay chia sẻ kinh nghiệm, Dreamer có thể liên lạc với bạn qua chat để nhận hỗ trợ. - Giới thiệu cơ hội thực tập, việc làm, học bổng phù hợp - Làm bạn đồng hành để cùng thực hiện mục tiêu, khát vọng - Hay một lời động viên, khuyến khích hoặc thông tin hữu ích cho ước mơ

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