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: Activist

Dream category : Social contribution
Time of dream : 15th Oct, 2018
Location dream : Đà Lạt
Phase of dream : Growing up
Want :
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I find myself interested in working with people and helping them to have a better life since I first took part in a volunteer club at high school. When I studied at university, I joined a young club at a Monastery and a volunteer club of Dalat University and they gave me many chances to go, to experience, to learn from many different people and situations. I am happy to make others happy.

Why my dream

I came from a countryside of Vietnam, where many children are not allow to get education, live in poor and illiterate. I just want them to have enough food to eat, go to school like others. But I didn't find out any program or even a group to help them, so I just donate some money and food for them. When I came to university, I took part in many clubs and programs that help poor children, low income workers, bring presents, food, happiness to them. Through these time working and helping people, I realize that I want to be a part of where I could bring happiness to others, not only poor people but also everyone who needs helps and love in this world.

About special me

I am enthusiastic, hard-working and patient. I love working with people, bring satisfaction toward other people.

My challenges and lessons


Learning journey

My characters, skills and achievements

- Chinese: A1 Certificate in TOCFL

Experiences in the past

- 2015 - 2018: Member of Hien Linh Monastery, assisting leader to organize programs to improve English for students, teach English for poor children, hold some special days events for poor people, etc,.
- 2014 - 2018: Member of Dalat University voluntary group, do volunteering, learn soft skills, etc,.
- 2017: Staff of Festival Hue 2017: Assisting and interpreting for Clay Flower

Future plan

I would join many more events and programs related to voluntary work to improve myself, learn more things to help people in effective ways and attract many young people as well to take part in and help more people and children.

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