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: Make a drawing class for poor children

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I have a small dream, to make an online art class for children. I belive that art is very helpful for children. I started drawing again when the pandemic started, to try to do something creative in my newly acquired spare time. Art can be an effective mode of self-expression and a way to help process events going on around you. Even watching other people paint can be therapeutic.

But how can you start honing your drawing skills if you're still stuck at home? You don't need to go back to college or buy expensive tools to learn how to draw, all you need is an online art class. From figure drawing to illustration to graphic design, there are online drawing tutorials that can scratch the artsy itch.

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While there is such a thing as natural born talent, some skills are teachable. Anyone can position two eyes symmetrically on a face by doing that little grid thing across an oval sketch. It just takes a good teacher and, say, a government-imposed stay-at-home order, to boost our skills.

Right now we're seeing a growing trend of free educational courses being offered from otherwise costly online services, like Nikon's online photography classes and a host of free dog training series. But these things require pretty expensive accessories, wheras drawing requires only a pencil and a stable hand (you don't even need a stable mind!).

I love starting with an idea make it as simple as possible, just pencil and a paper, drawing simple thing from many perspectives. .
Just draw a leaf